Karantén dal

Kovács András Péter – Maradok itthon Saját fordítással – With my own translationYou can also turn on subtitles for the video on YouTube. Na gyere-gyere ki aCome on outside toHegyoldalba!to the hillside.Nem megyek!I’m not goingCsak négyen leszünk!It’ll be just the four of us.Nem megyek!I’m not goingÁtugrasz egy kávéra?Are you coming over for a coffee?Nem megyek!I’m … More Karantén dal

About Hungarian names

After editing this video I realised there are some things I would like to add. If there’s anything else you find interesting about Hungarian names, let us know in the comment section 🙂 10 most common Hungarian family names Nagy [ great, big ] Kovács [ blacksmith ] Tóth [ older word for Slovak ] … More About Hungarian names